Эксплуатационное кино от 1950-х до 20-хх (часть 3)

Lucky Bastard (2014)
The Secret of Convict Lake (1951)
Contempt (1963)
Oriental Blue (1975)
The Gruesome Twosome (1967)
The Fat Spy (1966)
Stealing Candy (2003)
The Ambitious Lover (1982)
It Came from Beneath the Sea (1955)
It! (1967)
Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death (1989)
Hot & Saucy Pizza Girls (1979)
American Commando Ninja (1988)
Avenging Angel (1985)
Organ (1996)
The Sand Pebbles (1966)
Skidoo (1968)
Maid of Salem (1937) Читать далее


Эксплуатационное кино от 1950-х до 20-хх (часть 2)

The Intended (2002)
Baby Snakes (1979)
The Moon Is Down (1943)
Teen Witch (1989)
Here We Go Again, Eh Providence? (1973)
Women Without Innocence (1978)
Fantasyworld (1979)
The Terrornauts (1967)
Loving Jezebel (1999)
Dark August (1976)
Nemesis 3: Time Lapse (1996)
The Paint Job (1993)
The Killing of Angel Street (1981)
Don’t Open Till Christmas (1984)
Angelique and the Sultan (1968)
The Telephone Book (1971) Читать далее

Эксплуатационное кино от 1950-х до 20-хх (часть 1)

Sex in the Snow (1971)
Rituals (1977)
Combustion (2004)
Paternity (1981)
Gladiators 7 (1962)
Hoffman (1970)
Assassination (1987)
The Naughty Cheerleader (1970)
Creature (1985)
Lust Sessions (2008)
Joy of Flying (1977)
Mindkiller (1987)
Sudden Fury (1997)
The Gentle Touch (1956)
Fireback (1983)
The Black Marble (1980)
Unforgettable (1996)
The Black Gambler (1965)
Microscopic Liquid Subway to Oblivion (1970)
A Time to Die (1982)
Night After Night (1975) Читать далее

Фильмы Азии на asiamorte.com

Сладкий медовый сок / Lesbian Rape: Sweet Honey Juice / Rezubian Reipu: Amai Mitsujiru (1991)
Заключённая: В клетке! / Female Prisoner: Cage! / Joshu ori (1983)
Ад новобрачной / Newlywed Hell / Niizuma jigoku (1975)
Адский драйв / Nihon bundan: Heru doraiba (2010)
Коробка для завтрака / Lunch Box / Tamamono (2004)
Токио: Последний мегаполис / Tokyo: The Last Megalopolis / Teito monogatari (1988)
Последний эротический поезд / Last Erotic Train / Saishuu Chikan Densha (2008)
Биотерапия / Biotheraphy / Baioserapii (1986)
Истерия / Histeria (2008)
Рынок женщин / Female Market / Ryojoku mesu ichiba — kankin (1986)
Доппельгангер (Двойник) / Doppelganger (2003)
Ойран / Куртизанка / Courtesan / Oiran (1983)
Слепая любовь / Blind Love / Waisetsu suteji: Nando mo tsukkonde (2005)
Приключения мальчика с электрическим столбом / Adventures of Electric Rod Boy / Denchu Kozo no Boken (1987)
Ад не имеет границ / Hell Has No Boundary / Mo jie (1982)
Мёртвый мяч / Deadball / Deddoboru (2011)
Ero Kowai Kaidan Vol. 2 — Poltergeist (2010)
Цок-цок / Teketeke (2009)
Первая седьмая ночь / Tau chut (2009) Читать далее

Мёртвые шахты | Dead Mine | 2012 |

Мертвые шахты -Dead Mine - 2012

Plot: A rich treasure hunter employs a team of specialists for a possible burial legendary gold Yamashita — lost treasures looted by the Japanese from all over Asia during the Second World War. Deep in the jungle, on the Indonesian island, a group of someone attacks and forced to take refuge in an abandoned mine, which was classified by the Japanese military bunker. Soon, the heroes realize they are not alone trapped underground.

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Die flambierte Frau | A Woman in Flames | 1983 | Robert van Ackeren

Die flambierte Frau
Plot: One day, Eve realized that she was tired of living strictly with her husband: a successful but utterly correct and conservative businessman. Without thinking, she packed a suitcase and went aimlessly. With the help of his old friend she met Yvonne, who helped her to enter into the world of elite prostitution, who discovered the woman previously Mysterious her horizons. And together with her new boyfriend Chris, who also earns his living by hard work gigolo, they are ready to move mountains. Here are just a dream Chris about his own restaurant, and a quiet life as a bourgeois alarming Eve …

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El último kamikaze | Последний камикадзе | 1984 | Paul Naschy

El último kamikaze

Plot: Sergio — a hired killer known in certain circles under the name Kamikaze long worked on a mysterious organization involved in trafficking in weapons, drugs, sex slaves and other similar products. But at some point he went to independent navigation. And once crossed the road to its former owners, killed on the orders of several unknown agents. In response organization sends the footsteps of another kamikaze hit man who must find and punish the traitor.
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The Lords of Salem | Повелители Салема | 2012 | Rob Zombie

The Lords of Salem

Plot: The action film The Lords of Salem is a town called Salem and tells the story of a popular radio presenter named Heidi, who once woke up naked on the strong urge to urinate. She gets out of bed, throws on his T-shirt and is completely Читать далее

Wildschut | Stronghold | 1985 | Bobby Eerhart

Wildschut | Stronghold | 1985 |  Bobby Eerhart

Plot: Two bandits who committed an armed robbery, break into a secluded rural property, intending to sit in it and take hostages inhabitants of the house. One of the men, his name is Charlie, seriously wounded, he behaves quite friendly towards the hostages. Jim same name as the second thug behaving provocatively and aggressively than inflame an already difficult situation. The tension in the house starts to grow even more when at the event horizon appears the police chief, popping his nose wherever falling, and the surrounding forest becomes a place of military exercises.

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